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Business Administration (online BBA)

Courses include in-depth knowledge of all aspects of business including accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management and strategic planning.

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Delivery Method: Online
Program Language: English

Students have the opportunity to join a flexible, online, insightful program that will help them discover their passion for business.

Ontario High School Applicants

1 grade 12 English U/M course

2 grade 12 U/M Math courses (Advanced Functions recommended)

3 other grade 12 U/M courses

A minimum overall average of 70% in the 6 best grade 12 U/M courses


Students with one math will be admitted but will be required to take MATH 1911 or 1912 in year one.

Additional information for applicants who have completed Advanced Placement courses.

Additional information for applicants who have completed the International Baccalaureate.


An applicant must have completed a business diploma from a College of Applied Arts and Technology for admission to the online BBA program. The following credentials are considered the admission requirements:

  1. 2-year Business diploma; or
  2. 3-year Business diploma


1. Know what type of OUAC application you will need to complete

The Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC) processes applications for admission to Laurentian University.

Ontario Highschool Students

If you are currently attending an Ontario high school, you will be required to use the 101 Application.

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Other Undergraduate Applicants

Out of province applicants, international students, mature students, and college and university transfers will complete the 105 Application.

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2. Review your program entry requirements carefully

Ensure that you meet the prerequisites for each program that you are applying to. This information is covered under the Admissions Requirements section on our programs page. At the Undergraduate level, the Architecture program requires a Portfolio submission for consideration for the program. For more details, please review their program page.

3. Login to the OUAC website and complete your application

Ontario Highschool Students (101 Applicants)

You will require a PIN from your school guidance team to access and complete the application. Go to the 101 Login Portal link and use your PIN to create a new account. Once completed, please follow the 101 Application Guide to complete your application.

101 Students, Apply Now

Other Undergraduate Applicants (105 Applicants)

Out of province applicants, international students, mature students, and college and university transfers will complete the 105 application. You can learn more here 105 Application Guide. Follow this link to the 105 Portal and create a new account.

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Learn more on our how to apply to undergraduate programs page.

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For Current Students

The degree options listed below are for the upcoming academic year, not the current academic year. If you are a current student looking for which courses to take in order to complete your degree options from a previous academic year's curriculum, please consult with an academic advisor.

Bachelor of Business Administration online

Students must follow these regulations in order to meet graduation requirements.

(120 credits)


Program of Study:

Effective September 2015, ADMN course codes will be replaced with COMM codes. This table explains the course equivalencies to help students and others understand the transition to the new COMM course codes in the BBA program.

The 4-year online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree will be delivered in a 2+2.5 format with course offerings delivered over three semesters annually in a flexible online environment.  Courses are offered in September, January and May each year.  Students are required to complete a minimum of 6-credits yearly.  The only in-person requirement is the final examination – usually written near your permanent address.

Courses are offered in the areas of marketing, organizational behaviour, human resources, accounting, finance, operations and strategy.  Several upper division business administration electives are available, including accounting courses that can be applied towards the CPA PREP requirements.  The BBA also offers students the opportunity to complete elective courses in areas other than business administration – encouraging exposure to other disciplines.  

The program consists of 120 credits.  Students work asynchronously and in groups to complete assignments using online technologies. 

Generally, students will receive advanced standing for all first year courses with the exception of statistics and management science.  Some advanced standing will be provided for 2000 level courses.  Most students will be required to complete courses in management accounting, finance, marketing, operations and strategy.


Core requirements (60 credits, minimum grade C):

ACCT 1001E     Using Financial Information
COSC 1702E     Computer Applications II or COSC 1701E**
ECON 1006E     Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 1007E     Introduction to Macroeconomics
MGMT 1001E     Foundations of Management
MGMT 2006E     Sustainable Management, Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility
3 credits of first year MATH (excluding MATH 1911 and MATH 1912)*
3 credits of Indigenous content (may include courses from a list designed by the Faculty of Arts, and may be taken in upper years) 

*Students admitted with 1 credit of Grade 12 mathematics must take MATH 1912 E Elementary Calculus as an elective.
**Students may be exempted from the Computer Applications course if they have passed an equivalent course. They will need to take another 3 credits of electives instead.

Upper Years required courses
ACCT 2011E     Management Accounting
FNCE 3006E     Financial Management
HROB 2001E     Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
HROB 2002E     Management of Human Resources
MGMT 2007E     Commercial Law
MGMT 4033E     Strategic Management
MKTG 2006E     Marketing Management
OPER 2006E     Introduction to Management Science
OPER 3006E     Operations Management
OPER 4147E     Management Information Systems
STAT 2066E     Business Statistics
One of the three following courses:

     FNCE 4027E     International Finance

     MGMT 3006E     International Management

     MKTG 4041E     International Marketing


Elective credits (60 credits)  which must include at least 12 credits from BBA courses with a minimum grade of C, and 12 non-BBA credits.


  • Mandatory BBA courses cannot be counted towards a specialization.
  • A student cannot obtain credits for both JURI 2306 and MGMT 2007.
  • A student must normally succeed in all ACCT 2011, MGMT 3006, FNCE 3006, MKTG 2001, HROB 2001, HROB 2002, OPER 3006 courses prior to starting MGMT 4033 or MGMT 4033 must be part of the last 30 credits taken during the BBA program.   


Program Regulations

In order to graduate with a BBA degree, a student must:
1) Satisfy all the stated requirements for the degree
2) Complete 120 credits with minimum overall GPA of 3.5 for non-honours and 5.5 for honours degree
3) Complete 60 credits of required courses (BBA core requirements), with a minimum grade of C in each course after no more than two attempts per course.
4) Complete 60 credits of elective courses which must include at least 12 credits BBA and 12 credits in non-BBA courses.
5) Receive a grade of at least C in BBA elective courses
6) Count no more than 48 credits in 1000 and 9100 level courses

The following table shows the equivalencies between COMM and ADMN courses.

MGMT-1006EL - Foundations of the Management of Organizations I MGMT-1007EL - Foundations of the Management of Organizations II MGMT-1036EL - Business Communication ECON-1006EL - Introduction to Microeconomics ECON-1007EL - Introduction to Macroeconomics COSC-1702EL - Computer Applications II ACCT-1001EL - Understanding and Using Financial Information OPER-2006EL - Introduction to Management Science ACCT-2011EL - Management Accounting I STAT-2066EL - Business Statistics MKTG-2001EL - Marketing Management I MKTG-2011EL - Applied Marketing HROB-2001EL - Introduction to Organizational Behaviour HROB-2002EL - Management of Human Resources COMM-2035EL - Marketing Management
ACCT-3001EL - Management Accounting II FNCE-3006EL - Financial Management I FNCE-3007EL - Financial Management II OPER-3006EL - Operations Management MGMT-4001EL - Law for Commerce MGMT-4032EL - Strategic Management and Policy II: Implementation FNCE-4007EL - Investment Management MKTG-4071EL - Consumer Behaviour MKTG-4041EL - International Marketing MGMT-4105EL - Humanist Issues-Comm. Practice OPER-4016EL - Project Management FNCE-4036EL - Risk Management in Organizations MGMT-4031EL - Strategic Management and Policy I: Formulation COMM-4005EL - Business Policy

List of Faculty Members

Austin Davey

Austin Davey

Ozhand Ganjavi

Ozhand Ganjavi

Human Resources & Organizational Development
Michael Howe

Michael Howe

Department of Marketing and Management
Valorie Leonard

Valorie Leonard

Human Resources & Organizational Development
Homayoon Shalchian-Tehrani

Homayoon Shalchian-Tehrani

Gregory Steinke

Gregory Steinke