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Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture

Welcome to Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture

The Faculty of Science Engineering and Architecture offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs in the basic sciences, accredited degrees in engineering and architecture and basic and applied science degrees in computer science and earth science. Co-op/Placement/Internship opportunities are available across all of these areas including, in one case, at graduate level, in our renoun MSc/GDip Science Communication program. One version of our Interdisciplinary Science program can be studied completely online, from anywhere in the world! Another version of the same program can be studied completely en francais, and there are three further programs that are francophone only.

The Faculty of Science Engineering and Architecture is a Northern Ontario hub of basic and applied research activity and creativity with an international reach. Our Mineral Exploration Research Centre hosts: Metal Earth, a massive, international collaborative research project that is discovering new ways to find natural mineral resources essential to the health and economic well being of society. Our Vale Living with Lake Centre aims to ensure that there is "clean water for all, now and forever". Our recently created Perdue Analytical Facility ensures that all researchers, faculty and students can obtain access to advanced scientific analysis equipment that, broadly, "can find out what any solid, liquid or gas material is made of and how much of it there is in there". It also has equipment for analysis and measurement of biological and genetic materials as well as forensic identification. Our engineering laboratories and workshops support research students conceiving, designing, fabricating, testing and optimising new technologies and products for industrial processes including mining and mineral technology but also for renewable energy, nutriceuticals, carbon capture, environmental remediation and clean water. With a focus on wood as a construction material, research in the McEwen School of Architecture comes from faculty, staff and students blending artistic creativity, building technology and wisdom from indigenous elders-in-residence to inspire and enthrall.

Our activities principally occur within four distinct buildings of Laurentian University: the Fraser/Science building, the Willett Green Miller Centre, the Cliff Fielding Building and the the McEwen School of Architecture. The first three are on the main LU campus, and the latter is located in the Downtown area of Sudbury. The Faculty has additional, smaller satellite facilities/buildings to support research and/or teaching activities. Our Faculty boasts a glasshouse, a planetarium and a zoological museum.