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Nadia Verrelli

Nadia Verrelli

Associate Professor

Department of Political Science
A-341, Arts Building Sudbury Campus


My research and teaching interests centre on the nexus between law and politics. I analyse the influence of Supreme Court decisions on federal-provinicial relations, the evolution of Canadian federalism, human rights and violence against women. I teach courses that explore questions of the role of laws, rights, court decisions and federalism in Canadian society. Recent courses I teach include: Constitutional Poilitics in Canada, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Public Policy in Canada, Canadian Government, Federalism and Ontario Politics. I also serve as a Research Associate at the Insitute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queens University.


PhD Carleton University, Canadian Politics and Public Policy Administration

MA Queen's University, Political Science

BA York University, Double Honours, Political Science and Law and Society

Academic Appointments

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science


My areas of research include: The Supreme Court of Canada, Federalism, Quebec Nationalism, Canadian Institutions, Violence against Women


Recent Research Grants:

2020 SRQC: Research Grant: "The Secession Reference and Why it Still Matters."

2019: SSHRC Insight Development Grant, "R v Ryan: A Case Study of Coercive Control"


July 2020-June 2021 On Sabbatical


Selected Publications:


Verrelli, N., and Chambers L. (2021 Forthcoming) No Legal Way Out: R. v. Ryan, Domestic Abuse, and the Defence of Duress. (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.

Verrelli, Nadia ed. (2014) State of the Federation – The Changing Federal Environment: Rebalancing Roles?. Institute of Intergovernmental Relations. McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Verrelli, Nadia ed. (2013) The Democratic Dilemma: Reforming Canada’s Supreme Court. Institute of Intergovernmental Relations. McGill-Queen’s University Press.


Verrelli, N., and Chambers, L. (2021 Forthcoming)R. v. Whynot (Stafford): The Forgotten Predecessor to R. v. Lavallee”, in Rethinking Feminist History and Theory, ed. Julia Smith and Lisa Paseolli, Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Chambers, L, Zweep, D and Verrelli, N. (September 2018) “Paternal Filicide and Coercive Control: Reviewing the Evidence in Cotton v. Berry”, UBC Law Review, 51(3).

Baker, Richard and Verrelli, Nadia,( Winter 2017)  “Smudging, drumming and the like do not a nation make”:Temporal Liminality and Delegitimization of Indigenous Protest in Canada, Journal of Canadian Studies, 51 (1)  DOI: 10.3138/jcs.51.1.37

Verrelli, Nadia, (2015) “Mandatory Voting: A Critical Look,” JPPL: The informed citizens' guide to elections : electioneering based on the rule of law = Le guide du citoyen averti aux élections : faire une campagne selon la règle de droit.. Toronto: Carwell: 469.

Verrelli, Nadia (September 2015) "The Senate: Should it Stay or Should it Go? Policy Options.

Verrelli, Nadia and Cruickshank, Neil, (2014) “The Secession Reference: A How To For Scottish Independence?” The Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law

Verrelli, Nadia, (April 2013) “The “Cents” and Nonsense of the Federal Spending Power,” The Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law, Vol. VII no.1.